Interesting Law of Attraction Story

When I was seven years old I had a birthday party and all of my friends and cousins were invited to attend including my youngest cousin, Gino. I was selfish and didn't want Gino there because he was only four. He was too young to be around us 'older' kids and besides he cried a lot.

A week after the party Gino got hit by a car and died. I felt so guilty not wanting him at my party. I felt worse remembering how I ignored him while he was there. I thought about Gino's death, off and on, during my growing up years and then completely forgot about him.

When I got married and had my first child, not expecting it, thoughts about Gino dying so young flooded my mind. This triggered me to started worrying about my own child. I worried too much.

I didn't know back then that worry was fear thought. I didn't know anything about the law of attraction or how it worked. And I certainly didn't know how we attract tragic events to ourselves with our worry thoughts. Eighteen months after my son John was born, he died unexpectedly.

Months later, after getting over the grief of losing my first son and still not knowing anything about the law of attraction, I had another child followed by three more. All fine and healthy children, full of all the good things little children are made of. And in spite of my good fortune, I worried about them.

For 30 years I worried and fussed over my children all along not knowing what my worry thoughts were doing. Once again tragedy, unexpectedly, hit me when my 30 year daughter, Beth, died suddenly leaving behind a husband and four little girls ranging in age from 8 to 1 1/2 years olds.

I was devastated, I lost all will to live, felt guilty as hell and started worrying about my surviving children. And then I found out about the law of attraction and how my worrying killed my children.

At first, I felt tremendous guilt. After working through the guilt, I realized I couldn't be held responsible for not knowing my worry thoughts (fear thoughts) contributed to the death of two of my children.

Now that I know about the law of attraction, I am responsible for how my thoughts influence and effect the lives of the people I love. And because I know things I did not know before, I have given up the worry habit.

I do not worry about my remaining children for they were never mine to worry about in the first place. They were giflts from the Universe for me to enjoy and enjoy them I do.

John and Beth may be gone but I have many many warm and loving memories of them that bring me great joy. Along with the memories, I have been abundantly blessed with 14 grandchildren who have filled the hole left inside me after the passing of my children.

Worrying about my children and grandchildren is not something I do these days. Worry is fear thought, it is a vote of no confidence that the Universe is watching over them and protecting them. My lessons about worry and how the law of attraction works were hard earned.

These days, my job is not to worry about my children or grandchildren. My job is to love them unconditionally and unashamedly with nothing held back. My job is to instill confidence them by instilling confidence in myself. My job is to teach them what I know about the immutable laws of the universe so they can prosper, in life, like I am prospering today.

My job is to show them, what I learned the hard way, that if we abide by the laws of the universe we will thrive and prosper in all areas of our life and if we do not, we will perish..

Live Long and Prosper, Mr. Spock's signature line, means more me today than ever before. ... and to all of you reading this, may you, your children and your grandchildren live long and prosper. What a powerful law of attraction thought that is..


Your worrying, or not worrying about your children doesn't matter. The Universe (what the rest of us call God) hates us all anyway whether we love our children or friends or not. You are still taking too much responsibility for what "The Universe" does to every living, sentient being. You didn't kill your children. God did. - Anonymous


I certainly respect your thoughts that the universe/God hates us all anyway and God killed my children but I don't believe that for a moment. When it comes to my own life I take full responsibility for it including the part my thoughts played in the death of my two children. Regarding my thoughts, If I do not take full responsibility for my thoughts, who should? They are my thoughts, right? If they are my thoughts how can anyone but me be fully responsible for them?

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