Not Fully Expressing Yourself Can Lead To Violence

We are meant to 'fully' express ourselves and when we do we feel lighter and brighter than we did a moment before. Trouble is, most people have been trained, conditioned, punished, over the years, to suppress their thoughts and feelings rather than fully express them. Suppression leads to depression and other forms of illness including people resorting to violence as a way to solve their problems.
In the final analysis, violence and abuse solves nothing and only leads to more violence and abuse while thinking in cooperative and harmonious ways has the potential to fix everything.

Granted, the urge to strangle the sh*t out of someone is a strong one but if we don't control our own urges to resort to violence, who will? It doesn't take courage to kill or wound a person. Anyone can pull a trigger, shoot a gun and kill someone. On the other hand, it does take non-physical courage to control the urge to kill and work out our problems and differences of opinion with people in peaceful and harmonious ways.

Are you person of violence or are you a person who possesses non-physical courage? Choosing the path of violence or the path of peace is a moment by moment choice we make and no one can make that choice for us except ourselves. What moment by moment choices are you making?

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