Why No World Peace? One Simple Reason!


War is profitable and peace is not. If peace can be as profitable as war, then world peace will be within our grasp. World military expenditures in 2009 exceeded $1.5 trillion dollars.  That expenditure of money gives millions of people paychecks around the world. 

People receiving those paychecks makes WAR the world's biggest employer while peace is the world's smallest employer. Peace will not happen on earth until our PEACE efforts employee more people than our war effort does. 

I am a firm believer that any problem can be solved, even the most difficult and complex problems if the 'collective will' of the people get behind solving the problem. Converting the world from a war driven economy to a peace driven one is possible. It is something we can achieve, individually and collectively, working alone and together. I am doing my part. Won't you join me? To find out what I am doing read the following messages:

STOP WAR: The World Peace Plans of a Fool 

THE DEPARTMENT OF PEACE MOVEMENT: World Peace Begins With You and Me




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