Disappointed, Heck No!

A friend of mine recently asked me a rather personal question. He asked me how much money in donations I received in the last 60 days to keep Inspirational Thoughts a free site.   I told him zero, zilch, nada, nothing. He ask me if I was disappointed?  I said, heck no.  While I need money like everyone else on planet earth, my life is not about money.  My life is about bringing as much joy and happiness as I can to people who read the inspirational writing up on my site..  I explained to him that I am wealthy beyond words when it come to 'currency of the heart' and the money to keep Inspirational Thoughta a free site will come when it does.  

The point of sharing this private moment with you is this: There is nothing in life that can ever disappoint you if you live your life one moment at a time and adopt an attitude of 'positive expectancy' in regards to everything you want out of life. Positive expectancy is nothing more than understanding that at any given moment in time what you want can appear in your life, seemingly out of thin air, from sources unexpected, unexpectedly..

Disappointment regarding love, health or money is a 
vote of  'no confidence' in the law of attraction's ability 
to bring into your life what you want or guide you to it.

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