Inspiring Story About False HOPE

Often times we hear people say you shouldn't give people false hope and to those people, I say phooey!  In my opinion, false hope is better than no hope at all.  Years ago, in Texas, a close friend of mine came down with a terminal illness. The doctors were doing all they could but he wasn't getting better. Finally one doctor told my friend his disease was fatal and he was going to die. The doctor telling my friend that outraged me.

The reason he outraged me is because no Doctor knows when anyone is going to die, only God knows that. Anyhow, I was so p*ssed off about what the doctor told my friend, that, in part, out of spite towards the doctor I fed my friend daily MEGA doses of false hope. 

I figured the worst that could happen is that my convincing stories of false hope would make my friend feel better and the best that could happen is a miracle would take place. Guess what? A miracle did take place and to this day, thirty years later, my friend credits my stories of false hope as the turning point in his life. He called it a turning point because my 'false hope' stories motivated my friend to get his will back to live and live he did. The moral of this little story, never underestimate the power of the human mind to create a miracle in someone's life, yours or someone elses.


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