A Miracle State of MIND

Gratitude for me is a MIRACLE state of mind.  Nothing raises my attitude faster than focusing on being grateful for all that I have. Focusing on gratitude literally makes the cells in my body feel happy. As I focus on the things I am grateful for, large and small, I can feel the cells on the surface of my body smiling. 

Gratitude as a word doesn't mean much, it actually doesn't mean a thing at all until I begin FEELING the gratitude. And when I begin feeling it, I feel the law of attraction being activated in my favor and bringing into my life the wonderful things I want with no effort at all.  Expressing gratitude for what I have guarantees me I will have more.  It is one of the ways the law of attraction works for me.

Expressing sincere grateful for being ALIVE seems to put an AMAZING smile on the face of the one who made me. And from that point on, expressing gratitude all day long for everything in my life makes my vibrations rise up higher and higher. So much so that the good things I attract into my life during my day are an unexpected bonus for feeling so darn good all day long.

I don't know you yet, you the person who is reading my words but by reading them, in a small way, you have connected yourself to me and for that I am grateful. Thank you!  And I thank you again, in advance, if you choose to leave a comment about this blog post...

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Quote from this Reader's Digest true story: 

Then I heard a voice. "Until you learn to be grateful for 
the things you have,", you will not receive the things you want."

May the God of The Universe Bless You With Every Good Thing You Want, Effortlessly.


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