My Holiday Message: Peaceful and Calm

There is nothing more important this holiday season than remaining peaceful and calm while those around us are not.  

Much of the stress we feel this holiday season is not our stress at all.  It is the  stress of the people surrounding us at work, in the stores and on the roads we drive while doing our holiday shopping. 

Yes, it is true, we pick up the stressful feelings of others as natural as breathing and if we are not vigilant, the stress of others can cause us to lose our calm center and peace of mind.

The law of attraction never sleeps. Whatever you focus your attention on, you attract more of the same.  

If you focus on things you do not like, you will attract into your life more things you do not like. Focus on rude and stressful people and you will attract more of those kinds of people into your life...  

Focus on being peaceful and calm and you will become what you focus your attention on... By taking 60 seconds to focus on the beauty and simplicity of this picture, you will reconnect to your peaceful and calm center once again.


Okay maybe not peaceful and calm but laughter or a smile works just as well and lightens the load

Happy Holidays to One and ALL.

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