Why I Love Thoughts

I love thoughts because they are the ultimate power. 

Did you know your thoughts are more powerful than the atomic bomb? Why? Because it was human thought that created the atomic bomb in the first place.

Thoughts create things that improve the quality of life. Thoughts create things that destroy life. Thoughts can make us feel good, thoughts can make us feel bad. Thoughts kills, thoughts heal.  Thoughts change the chemistry in our body for better or worse. With our thoughts we use our words and actions to turn what we think into physical reality. 

All thoughts have consequences and the first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in the body. Did you know it isn't disease that kills people?  It's people thoughts about disease that does. 

  • Thoughts depress. 
  • Thoughts make people angry. 
  • Thoughts make people rude. 
  • Thoughts make people do stupid things 
  • Thoughts  make people happy 
  • Thoughts make people peaceful. 
  • Thoughts make people polite. 
  • Thoughts make people do brilliant things.

There are two kinds of thoughts, conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts. Conscious thoughts allow you to 'respond' to situations. Unconscious thoughts cause you to 'react' to situations.
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