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How I Successfully Dealt With A Bad Economy

QUESTION: How do you deal with negativity about the economy day in and day out? The economic situation is a major negativity that we all are experiencing... how is the best way to deal with our personal situation? Thanks, Mary W.

ANSWER: The only way to deal with the negativity of the economy day in and day out is getting your own economy in good working order. The word economy defined by the dictionary means the management of a household or state. If you are managing your household well, the negative news of how other people are managing their households won't bother you at all.

When peace of mind and living well become more important to you than where you live and what material things you have, you will begin to manage your economy well. I began managing my household (economy) extremely well back in 1998. I eliminated all debts and got rid of owning things because when you own things you have to protect them, insure them and repair them. In other words the very things you want that you think will make you happy, over time, become a pain in the ass to take care of and manage.

Today, I own nothing and I have no debt. On the other hand, I have plenty of cash to do what I want do when I want to do it and to go where I want to go when I want go... If I can't pay cash for what I want, I don't get it because once you are in debt you become a 'slave' to your debt and lose your freedom to come and go as you please. My freedom is too important to me to ever let debt rule my life again.

Hope this answers your question,

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Alternative to SUICIDE - This Works Every Time Without Fail

Loving what I did not like about myself or my life, to death, is one thing that has worked for me every time without fail.  

Loving my sickness, when I was ill, made me well. Loving my scarcity of money when I had little of it, made me prosperous. Loving my hatred of self, when I loathed myself. made it possible for me to love myself exactly as I am.  

Of course, my ego went nuts when I started loving things I hated. My ego told me I was crazy for loving the things I hated in my life but it was the LIGHT of my love for myself that made the darkness of my life melt away from me with no effort at all.

By Frederick Zappone, Author of the Feeling Good, No Matter What, Newsletter



Thought that go POP! AHA!!!!!

1. If you use the history of your past to determine your future, you will repeat your history in the future over and over again.

2. Often times the universe doesn't give you the relationship you want until you know you are loved without it. Once you know that, the relationship you want shows up in your life naturally. 

3. Whatever you focus your attention on expands. That why when you focus on the pimple on your face, it becomes the size of a boulder.

4. Entertaining a negative thought is like drinking a cup of poison believing it is good for you.  

5. If you leave your negative thoughts and feelings alone, they will leave you alone. 

6. The moment you argue with a negative thought is the moment it becomes stronger than your most powerful positive thought.

7. It is not possible to win an argument with your own negative thoughts. Arguing with them only makes them grow stronger and gain more power over you.

8. Arguing with negative thoughts gives them their strength and power and makes them become more real to you.  

9. How you choose to see yourself is the reality you create for yourself.

10. Feeling bad is not normal. It is an addictive habit of thought that people have come to accept as normal. All feeling bad will get you is feeling worse. And feeling bad will make a bad situation worse. 

Antidote to feeling bad. Feel what you feel intensely, really get into feeling bad. This action on our part will burn negative feelings right out of your body setting you free to move on...