The Antidote to Violence is Forgiveness. Here's Why

Without forgiveness the hurt, betrayal and disappointment we feel stays bottled up inside of us. This causes us to experience unnecessary grief and pain, In worst case situations, the injustices done to us cause us to think violent thoughts which can lead to violent action.. 

Every act of violence, every act of abuse, every murder, every bullet shot from a gun in anger is a result of vengeance living in the heart. Only forgiveness can heal the 'bad feelings' we have towards others. Only forgiveness can make the things that turned out wrong in our life, turn out right. Forgiveness sets you free from thinking poisonous thoughts that only poison thee..


Forgiveness set me free from feeling resentment toward others.
Forgiveness dissolved my negative and hurtful thoughts immediately.
Forgiveness gave me a clean slate and made my body feel brand new.
Forgiveness absolved me of my bad mistakes and I made many.
The most important thing, forgiveness sets me free to be me..


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