How I caught 'Forgiveness Fever'...


I got involved with Project Forgive early on and have found it to be one of the most inspirational experiences of my lifetime. Inspiring for many reasons beginning with realizing just how powerful forgiveness really was in setting me free from all the things that were holding me back and stopping me from truly being me..

There's a saying regarding the law of attraction that goes like this:

Whatever you FOCUS your attention on, you ATTRACT more of the same...

And when it came to being actively involved with Project Forgive, boy was that ever the truth.. 

Catching Forgiveness FEVER 

The more I focused on forgiveness, the more things I found to forgive myself for. The more I forgave myself, the better I felt. The better I felt, the more I wanted to give and do for Project Forgive. And the more I wanted to do for Project Forgive, the more incredible things I learned about the life changing power of forgiveness. This information on forgiveness is allowing me to become the MAGNIFICENT, POWERFUL, LOVABLE to the core person my creator intended for me to be. This is not only happening to me, it is happening to everyone associated with this project...
One of the best things that is coming out of my involvement with Project Forgive is that Forgiveness is rendering my EGO harmless so that pesky creature's ability to torment me and make my life  miserable is losing all power over me....

Forgiveness is Da BOMB!...

Forgive means to: 1. grant pardon for an offense ; to absolve; to set free from punishment. 2. to cease to feel resentment against yourself or others. When you forgive yourself you are set free to create what you want rather than being filled with feelings of resentment, anger, frustration, resistance and dislike.The unwillingness to forgive yourself for your mistakes makes 'nasty feelings' stick to you like SUPER GLUE. 

Beginning My Day With Forgiveness 

I begin every day by forgiving myself for everything and anything that comes up in my mind that is stopping me from SHINING my LIGHT on other people brilliantly.. And every time I consciously forgive myself for something, it frees me up to be a full blown ME...

This is a copy of one of my daily Forgiveness exercises... (The things I forgive myself and others for changes daily. Sometimes it stays the same if I repeat the same mistake)

I forgive myself for trying too hard.
I forgive myself for not being smart enough at times.
I forgive myself for the times I am insensitive to others.
I forgive myself for not knowing how to balance creativity and play.
I forgive myself for not taking better care of my body.
I forgive myself for getting hurt too easily..
I forgive myself for pushing myself past the point of feeling good.


I forgive myself for running behind on my schedule.
I forgive myself for putting too much pressure on myself to get this done as fast as I can.
I forgive myself for beating myself up when I don't meet my own performance expectations.


Forgiveness sets me free from pretending to be something I am not. When I pretend with anyone about anything for any reason, I am not being me but rather a counterfeit me. Being a counterfeit me no longer  feels good to me at all and it stop me from showing up in this world as a BRILLIANT LIGHT that I know each of us are meant to be. That's my forgiveness story and I am sticking to it... :) 

-- Frederick Zappone, Inspired Living



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  1. wonderfull, i really like your posts as its very helpful and from now on im going to use this method too and pass it on to others
    keep it coming