Project Forgive's Success is Guaranteed! Here's Why!


I am involved in a documentary film project called Project Forgive. My passion for this project is higher than anything else I have ever been involved in, in my whole life. Why?   First, because I know a thing or two about the power of forgiveness.  Forgiveness gave me my life back and made me brand new again when all other methods of putting my life back together failed me after my daughter, mother of four little girls (ages 8 to 18 months), died unexpectedly due to medical negligence in 1999.

Forgiveness is a powerful, powerful healing tool that can bring happiness, peace and joy back into a person's life after they have experienced deep disappointment, betrayal, hurt or tragedy.  I know, it did for me  and it can for other people too and that why my passion for Project Forgive is running so high. The thought of other people being  healed by forgiveness and getting their life back so they can experience all the happiness and joy they can handle brings tears to my eyes.

My passion for Project Forgive is so powerful that I feel more ALIVE today than at any other time of my life. In fact, last night, I recorded a radio program titled: Finding the Strength to Forgive.  In that program I share with people what I learned about forgiveness and why I endorse the Project Forgive documentary film as a powerful idea whose time has come.


When your passion runs high enough for a project you choose to be involved in, failure becomes afraid of you and keeps its distance from you.  My passion and the passion other people have for Project Forgive guarantees it success. Come join us, be part of Project Forgive's success. You will be glad you did.

For myself, I am going to continue to intelligently, creatively, obsessively and compulsively Tweet, Facebook and Blog about Project Forgive until it achieves the success I envision for it. This success not only includes the completed film being seen by millions and millions of people worldwide,  it includes the film receiving an Oscar for best documentary film of the year at the Academy Awards. And me being part of the audience as we give the creators of this film project a standing ovation

Will I annoy some people for obsessively and compulsively doing updates about Project Forgive? Of course I will and I will forgive those people for being annoyed.  You see, my job isn't to worry about the people who will be annoyed, my job is to reach the people who want to reclaim their life and become the magnificent, powerful person their creator intended for them to be through the transformative powers only forgiveness can bring. -  Frederick Zappone, author of the Feeling Good, No Matter What, Newsletter.

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  1. Woo Hoo! Yesterday morning we had 417 backers, this morning we have 456 backers for Project Forgive.

  2. As of today at 9:27 AM we have 737 Backers who have pledged $92,057. to Project FORGIVE. We have less than $8,000 to raise in the next 72 hours to reach our funding goal of $100,000. I see it in my mind's eye (imagination) as a done deal, and whatever I see as a done deal in my mind's eye, always comes true... GO PROJECT FORGIVE