The real addiction is pain, not pain killers. (Article)

The real addiction is not pain killers but pain itself, for if a person's wasn't addicted to pain, 
they would never have a need for pain killers in the first place.. - Frederick Zappone 

The Addiction to Pain 
By Deepak Chopra 

Common sense tells us that people naturally seek pleasure and avoid pain, but common sense is wrong. Pain is rarely a deterrent from destructive behavior. Sometimes the greater the pain, the more fiercely someone will cling to it. We see this on many fronts, from domestic abuse (when battered spouses repeatedly return to their abuser) to the Iraq conflict (where militias seem willing to slaughter each other until no one is left standing).

The ingredients of the addiction to pain are rooted in consciousness, the twists and turns of hidden motivations and beliefs. Masochism -- needing pain in order to feel pleasure -- is rarely a prime factor, in my experience. Rather, there's a stickiness to pain that overrides the physical and mental discomfort that pain obviously causes. By stickiness I mean the following:

Habit -- I'm used to my pain; it's too hard to change.
Victimization -- I'd like to be out of pain, but I'm too weak. Somebody stronger is responsible.
Revenge -- If I make you hurt more than I do, it's worth it
Numbness -- I don't feel anything, so I must not be hurting.
Religion - God wants me to feel this pain -- and you, too.
Ideology -- My pain is worthwhile because it serves a higher purpose
Shame -- I'd rather hurt than have others find out who the real me is.
Guilt -- Punishment is the redress to my past wrongs.

If pain is the real addiction, what is the solution?   This is one solution:


You can medicate and sedate your pain, you can tolerate and put up with your pain or you can embrace your pain and make it disappear from your life with no effort at all. Let me show you know....

In this publication I share with you everything you need to know to dissolve any physical or emotional pain you are experiencing, right now, without the need for drugs or pills of any kind.  

If you are currently taking prescription drugs for your pain, I am not suggesting you quit taking them. Quite the contrary, keep taking them and  along with them implement the 'embracing the pain' technique I share with you in this 'cutting edge' publication to speed up the process of making pain disappear from your body with no effort at all.


1. Learn why feeling the pain, heals it.
2. Embracing pain causes no pain.
3. The 'Embracing Pain' Methodology
4. Reversing Disease By Reversing Thought.
5. Many things you know about pain are not true.
6. Pain is weakness leaving the body.
7. Making Pain Disappear Without Drugs.
8. Evolutionary Thoughts About Pain
9. Pain is harmless until you label it...
10. His Thoughts CURED him of Cancer (True Story - Documented)

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