Are you a Gratitude Practitioner? If you are, this message is for you.

Most people know expressing gratitude is important if they want to attract more good things into our lives to be grateful for.... What most people are unaware of is the one very important thing 95% of the people are the planet are not grateful for. It is the 'missing piece' of the gratitude formula. If you are not grateful for this one very important thing (the missing piece), the lack of gratitude in this area of your life will neutralizes and take the power out of everything else they are grateful for... 

Without being grateful for this one important thing (the missing piece) you might as well not be grateful for anything because the attitude of gratitude will not produce any good results for you.  

In Message #15 of my daily gratitude messages, I explain what this one important thing is, the missing piece.  I dare say most people will be shocked when they discover what this very important thing is and once discovering the 'missing piece' they will say 'of course, it is so obvious, why didn't I think of it.... 

For those of you who are currently subscribed to my daily gratitude messages look for the answer to the 'missing piece' in message 15 of your daily gratitude messages. For those of you who are not subscribers to my free daily gratitude messages, and would like to be, fill in the form below 

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