The MIRACLE Gratitude Produced in my Life.


For those of you who are subscribers to my daily messages of gratitude, be on the lookout for Message 15. It contains one of the most important pieces of information, if not the most information piece of information about gratitude ever discovered by man.

It is the missing piece to the Gratitude Practice that I have never, ever seen written about before. In fact, I didn't even know there was a 'missing piece' to the Gratitude Practice until, for reasons unexplained at the time, I plunged into the darkest space I have ever been in, in my entire life. 

The space was so bleak and dark and so full of hopelessness and despair that I began praying for God to take me home... In spite of being in the darkest place I had ever been in, in my life, I expressed gratitude for being ungrateful that I was in that 'dark space'. I did that because I knew gratitude had the power to make what goes wrong with my life, turn out right.  Shortly after expressing gratitude for being ungrateful, like a THUNDERBOLT, out of the blue. IT HIT ME why I was in the dark space....

I was in the dark space to make an important discovery about gratitude that would change the lives of gratitude practitioners everywhere. And once I discovered the missing piece to the Gratitude Practice, like a cork trapped at the bottom of the ocean and suddenly set free to rise to the surface, I was suddenly set free from the darkness and was shot skyward into the LIGHT....and what I brilliant light it was, more brilliant than ever before with the guarantee that as long as I don't forget to be grateful for the 'missing piece' I shall never see darkness again... The Missing Piece is revealed to you in message 15, look for it...

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