I am very grateful for being deeply disappointed.



Being grateful for things gone wrong makes me feel better immediately because I understand the almost mystical powers of being a gratitude practitioner.  Being sincerely grateful for unpleasant things always turns them into good things for me.  

When I am grateful for the things that disappoint or hurt me, I am demonstrating my faith and trust in the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' (that many people call God) to turn what disappoints or hurts me into something good for me and it ALWAYS does.

Gratitude for all the things gone wrong in my life has made me happier, healthier and more prosperous in my heart, mind and soul than I could ever possibly imagine. And now I would like to share with you all that I know about the magical power of gratitude by sending you my free daily messages. These messages are filled with insights on how to use gratitude to attract more good things into your life to be grateful for. I also explain how to use gratitude to turn 'hurts and disappointments' into good things for you.

My daily messages are not only free to you, they are unconditionally free which means I will never try to sell you a thing.  I say that because, first, I am a lousy salesman and secondly my offline income is enough. Any extra income I receive that comes my way from donations on the internet is icing on the cake..

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