I'm Grateful for the Things 'Gone Wrong' in my life. Here's Why...

Normally, when things go wrong in a person's life they REACT to the situation. They get upset, pissed off, irritated, angry and yet none of those things will change what went wrong.  Instead, they will only make the situation worse... they always do.  However, when something goes wrong and we are grateful for the thing gone wrong, we are acknowledging there is a higher power at work in our situation who can see the bigger picture. A higher power who is working behind the scenes of our life making the necessary corrections and adjustments so we can get what we want, faster.

Experience has taught me that when something goes wrong in my life that is always a sign that the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' has intervened into my life to help me get what I want faster.  However, until I was willing to be grateful for the thing that went wrong, I was never able to see how the thing gone wrong would help me get what I wanted, faster.  These days, every time I am grateful for something that, in my judgement, has gone wrong in my life, wisdom and knowledge is revealed to me that shows me the shortcuts to getting what I want.

I know it's not logical to be grateful for the things that go wrong in our lives but who cares if being grateful for things gone wrong makes them turn out right.  To learn more about the power of gratitude to make the things that go wrong in your life, turn out right, subscribe to my free gratitude messages.

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