What the Universe is telling you when things Go Wrong in your life.

(These insights are based on my life experiences. - Frederick Zappone)

1. The universe is telling you that you are stressed out and wound up too tight. The universe is encouraging you to take a break, chill out, relax and unwind. The universe is telling you to stop taking yourself and life too seriously.

2.  The universe is rewarding you by telling you it is time to take a break and go play and when you come back to work, the things that stopped working will start working again.

3. The universe is telling you that you're going in the wrong direction, further away from what you want.

4. The universe is telling you that your thinking is off track and is giving you time to reflect and get your thinking back on track.

5. Th universe has taken control of your situation to make adjustments so things will turn out right for you.

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