The EASY Life....for those that believe

As much as people want life to be easy,  as much as people want to be able to create, attract and acquire things with effortless ease, it can't happen until your conscious and subconscious mind are in agreement.

Your conscious mind is the decider and chooser of what you want, your subconscious mind delivers what you want or guides you to it but for this to happen both the conscious and subconscious mind must be in agreement with what you want...

Anytime you feel a conflict in regards to what you want that is an ALERT signal that your conscious and subconscious mind are not in agreement.

Until the disagreement is resolved, it does not matter how much you know, how many books you have read, you will not be able to produce the results you want, no matter how hard you work....

One of the reasons people have a disagreement between their conscious and subconscious mind is because deep down, as much as they want life to be easy for them, all the subconscious mind knows, from years of experience, is effort, struggle and hard work...

As appealing as it is to be able to attract, create and acquire things the easy way, if your subconscious mind doesn't buy your 'life is easy' idea, it isn't going to happen..

And it is not going to happen because you don't trust the idea that things can be easy for you.  You see, you have survived by things being hard for you....and if you give up on the idea that things have to be hard for you, you don't know whether you will survive. 

The truth is, if you do give up the idea that attracting, creating or acquiring what you want has to be hard for you, you will not survive. Instead, you will thrive..... and prosper beyond your wildest dreams.

To thrive and prosper beyond your wildest dreams, you must trust the idea that creating, attracting, acquiring what you want is easy to do...

Can you trust that you can easily attract anything you want including money in abundance or money equivalents?  Once your conscious and subconscious are in alignment with each other about it being easy, POOF like magic everything you want will come into your life with no effort at all. Any Questions? 

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