Honor your 'RED LIGHT' Feelings

'Red Light' feelings are those feelings that won't allow you to access answers or creative solutions to the problems and challenges life has thrown your way. And just like a 'Red Light' that allows traffic to flow properly and prevent people from crashing into each other, the 'Red Light' feelings you experience are stopping you from taking steps and making mistakes that will result in the failure of your project. 

And like Red Lights that temporarily stop traffic flowing in a particular direction, your Red Light feelings are temporary. You will get a green light that will allow you to move forward with your project once the universe, working behind the scenes of your life, has orchestrated people and event in your favor. Once the universe has completed it work, it will give you 'green light' feelings and the answers you seek will appear in your mind out of thin air, with no effort at all.

There are no accidents in life but if you are always running your 'Red Light' feelings everything will seem like an accident to you and your life will turn out to be one big disaster. If you want your life to run smoothly, don't try to force answers or solutions to the problems and challenges you face. Instead, allow them to show up in your mind with no effort at all and they will 

You always 'feel a negative feeling' for a good reason. The moment you discover what the good reason is, the negative feeling vanishes. Negative feelings are benevolent messengers in disguise who have come to deliver positive messages of guidance and advice to you. The moment you judge a negative feeling as bad or wrong you lose all opportunity to discover the positive message of guidance and advice your negative feeling is sending your way.

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