Good 'ANGRY' People

The emotion of anger has gotten a bad rap. There is nothing wrong with anger. Anger is an emotion from God and like all emotions, if properly understood, it is a good thing. Anger ALERTS us when our sense of justice has been violated. Anger gives us the courage to act when we are feeling cowardly. Anger is never the problem, it is the denial of anger that eventually causes people to go postal and hurt themselves and other people. Listen to this fifteen minute show and find out how to make anger your friend.


You always feel a 'negative feeling' for a good reason. The moment you discover what the good reason is, the negative feeling vanishes. Negative feelings are benevolent messengers in disguise who have come to deliver positive messages of guidance and advice to you. The moment you judge a negative feeling as bad or wrong you lose all opportunity to discover the positive message of guidance and advice your negative feeling is sending your way.

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