The Law of Attraction GOLD Standard is a MYTH

It seems when it comes to the law of attraction everyone is striving to achieve some very high level of feeling good so they can attract what they want. I call this the LOA GOLD STANDARD.

I am here to tell you the LOA GOLD STANDARD is a myth, it makes people suffer. It reduces people to tears, it makes them becoming babbling idiots. It makes them doubt and distrust themselves. It makes them criticize and belittle themselves, it makes them cry.

Folks there is no LOA gold standard to reach so give up all of your struggle and effort now. What you feel when you feel it, negative or positive, is good enough to attract what you want because there are millions of folks, just like you, feeling what you feel. And those are the folks who will be attracted to give you what you want.... You can relax now, knowing all feelings, negative and positive, will take you to the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.....

Author Note.  My personal experience is, once I accepted that negative feelings are part of being human and that each negative feeling serves me in a very positive way, my negative feelings ceased being a barrier to attracting what I want...

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