The Truth 'believed' is a LIE....(Most important thing you'll ever learn)

Unless you experience something personally, first hand, you do not know whether it is the truth or not. What you know is someone's opinion of the truth, that may or may not be true..
The truth believed is a lie, you can only experience the truth. 

A belief is like the menu, the truth is like the meal. One is the real deal and the other is not. Here is an example.   

Newspaper Headlines around the world, in 2006, proclaimed:


For those who believed the headline, they discovered later on that it was a lie because, in fact, the twelve miners were found dead.

People get fooled by the words of others every day... They believe the truth rather than experience the truth.

He says he loves you and you believe him and he treats you abusively. An another example of the truth believed is a lie.

The boss promises you a raise or promotion but never delivers and because you believed him, you are disappointed.

The people in the time of Christopher Columbus believed the truth, that the world was flat. Christopher Columbus proved that truth was a lie.


The truth believed is a lie, you can only experience the truth.  Here is one such example of people dying from cancer because they believed a lie. For years, the government has preached to us about using  SUNSCREEN to prevent skin cancer. Today this story was released: - - Frederick Zappone


WASHINGTON (May 24) -- Almost half of the 500 most popular sunscreen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer because they contain vitamin A or its derivatives, according to an evaluation of those products released today.

AOL News also has learned through documents and interviews that the Food and Drug Administration has known of the potential danger for as long as a decade without alerting the public, which the FDA denies.

The study was released with Memorial Day weekend approaching. Store shelves throughout the country are already crammed with tubes, jars, bottles and spray cans of sunscreen.

The white goop, creams and ointments might prevent sunburn. But don't count on them to keep the ultraviolet light from destroying your skin cells and causing tumors and lesions, according to researchers at Environmental Working Group.

In their annual report to consumers on sunscreen, they say that only 39 of the 500 products they examined were considered safe and effective to use.


Most of the disappointments in life are a result of believing something someone told you as the truth.

They say: I'll love you forever 
They divorce you 10 years later.

They say: I'll call you next week.
They never do.

They say: I'll hire you next month. 
They never do give you the job.

They say: I'll meet you for lunch at 12 Noon
They never show up.

If people do what they say they will do, they spoke the truth to you. However, if you they don't do what they said, they LIED to you.

If you never want to be disappointed by people pay more attention to what they do rather than what they say.... Actions never LIE....

If people can get you to 'react' to what they say, for better or worse, they own your soul. That's why in political campaigns, candidates attack their opponents on issues you feel most strongly about.  If they can create the emotional feeling of hate or dislike in you for their opponent, they will get your vote. 

It is my experience, backed up by scientific research. that people make all their decisions first emotionally, then they use their logic to justify your emotional decision.  Politicians knows this piece of information better than most people and use it to their advantage. Advertisers do the same thing.

The more you 'react' to situations, problems and issues, the further away you are removed from discovering what is really true and the further away you are from solving a problem that troubles you.

Love Really DOES Solve All

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