The UGLY Truth About Your Feelings

The truth is not always pretty, sometimes it is downright ugly. This could be one of those times for you. The ugly truth about feelings is that people are so afraid of their feelings that they are medicating, sedating and numbing them with pills, booze, food and prescription drugs in record numbers.  One rarely mentioned ugly fact is that people who go ballistic killing innocent people for no reason at all, or commit suicide, do so as a result of some drug they are on. Drugs disconnect people from the 'inner guidance system' they were born with, a guidance system that is just as real as the heart that pumps blood through your veins. 

Your feelings are your 'inner guidance system'.  They tell you when you are moving in the direction of what  you want (dreams, desires) and when you are moving away from what you want.  However when you medicate, sedate or numb your feelings, you cuts yourself off from the very 'internal mechanism' that can save your life and make all of your dreams come true with a minimum amount of effort.

Good feelings means you are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are moving you towards your dreams and desires. Negative feelings means you are thinking thoughts and taking actions that are moving you away from your dreams and desires.  However, when you medicate and sedate your feelings, you create 'static' inside your 'inner guidance system' that results in you not accurately being able to understand the messages of guidance and advice your negative feelings are sending your way..

You always 'feel a negative feeling' for a good reason. The moment you discover what the good reason is, the negative feeling vanishes. Your feelings, properly understood, will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

FINALLY my  'Thought MASTERY Program'
has taken on a life of its own. It doesn't matter
what I tell people, it does its own thing. - Frederick Zappone

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