Constipation is a State of MIND...(Article)

Constipation is a sign you have constipated thoughts that are stopping your body from doing naturally what it was designed to do with no effort at all.

According to the recent U.S. Census, there are over 311 million people living in the United States. Statistically, half of them, about 155 million will purchase a laxative product at least once during the course of a year. Imagine, 155 million people experiencing constipation, or bowel irregularity, this year alone. Many of these people will experience Constipation more than once, even several times, and some of them will suffer from chronic constipation. If you have concerns about constipation, you are not alone.

Annually, a 1.5 billion dollar drug industry is fueled by these concerns about constipation or irregularity. Many people, uninformed about Healthy Bowel Function and The Colon, believe themselves to be constipated if they do not move their bowels everyday. Just as each individual is unique, so are their bowels and their bowel habits. It can be quite normal for one individual to have a bowel movement every day, and quite normal for another individual to have a bowel movement every two to three days. Additionally, some people may produce firmer stools than others. Clinically, as long as you are moving your bowels at least once every three days and your Stools can be passed without straining, you are regular. According to this definition, many people who believe themselves to be constipated, should just stop worrying about it.

Everything is first created mentally, then physically including constipation

The real problem with constipation is that you are thinking thoughts that constipate you (thoughts that don't feel good to you) or you are holding on to fear-based thoughts that are causing your body to react in a constipated way.  Fear based thoughts make the cells in the your bowel 'contract' and this constricts the normal flow of the body's waste materials resulting in constipation.

It is not uncommon for people to 'shift thoughts' and suddenly feel the urge to go poop. Why take laxatives when by changing your thoughts, you can relax your bowels so they can do what they want to do, remove toxic poisons from your body, including negative thoughts that no longer serve you, with no effort at all.

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