Letters to God from Anonymous #1

I have this good friend of mine who writes a very private blog where the only way you can see it is by invitation only.  I am so moved and touched by his honest, gritty blog entries I asked permission to reprint some of his entries on my blog.  He has graciously given me permission to reprint any blog entry of his I find noteworthy as long as I don't reveal his real name. Here is one of his entries. - Frederick Zappone

Letters to God from Anonymous.

Dear God,

I notice I don't take very good care of me.... I have this belief  that as a good person I must suffer because that what my religion taught me.  Jesus was our role model for suffering.  Of course, we got his message all wrong. He suffered so we didn't have too. Problem is,  we mistakeningly believed suffering would make us more Jesus like. what crap. There is only one Jesus and he suffered so we don't have to but we do suffer because religion taught so many of  us that the people who suffered were the good people and the ones who didn't suffer were the bad onesHard to believe after all of these years that it is really okay for me to take good care of myself, it is really okay if I don't suffer any more. Thanks you God  - G. Anonymous.

Thought MASTERY. 

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