Feeling GOOD, No Matter What. (Bullet Proof Your Attitude Publication)


The easiest way to keep a positive attitude is by making sure other people cannot rob or drain you of your power in any way. In order  to do that, you must bullet proof your attitude.  

I did just that. My bullet proof attitude makes it possible for me to allow the good stuff in such as love, health, prosperity, appreciation and intimacy while at the same time protecting myself from being infected by the bad attitudes of other people. 

Studies show the 'bad attitudes' of others cause people to become anxious, uptight or stressed out. As a result, people over eat and drink or turn to pills and therapy to sedate their upsetting feelings.

The most DEPRESSING word in the dictionary is can't.
The most INSPIRING word in the dictionary is CAN... 

Yes you CAN bullet proof your ATTITUDE
And It is easier than you think.....

Yes bullet proofing your attitude is not only possible, it is immensely practical and easy to do. In fact, there is no practice or study required. All it takes is reading through my 'cutting edge' material about bullet proofing your attitude one time.  Once you you read my material, it will become very difficult, if not impossible for anyone to make you feel less than the magnificent, powerful person you truly are...

STOP, unconsciously, allowing other people to intimidate, bully, abuse or control how you feel and think by what they say or do.

All the information you need to bullet proof your attitude is found in my publication titled 'THE Bullet Proof ATTITUDE'.  This is a no-brainer document, in other words, there is nothing for you to figure out.  It is written in such a way that when you read it, you instantly 'GET IT'.

Once you 'read and get it,' your subconscious mind will automatically act on the information I've shared with you and starts building a bullet proof barrier around your conscious mind.  

This protective barrier of 'conscious awareness' will shield you from the negative effects of the thoughts and actions of other people who can not only ruin your day if allowed to, they can ruin your whole life. 

The information in my 'cutting edge' publication will protect you from the negative attitudes of people who do not understand you.  It will protect you from the negative attitudes of friends, family, co-workers, bosses, etc,  It will even protect you from the bad vibes you pick up from strangers in the street, people in long lines or rage filled drivers on the road.

Nothing is left unexplained in my publication about bullet proofing your attitude. In fact, to make sure nothing is left to chance, if you ever have a question about the content of my bullet proofing document, you can write me, any time, with your questions and receive a personal reply back from me. My private email address is included in the document.

The Bullet Proof Your ATTITUDE Publication

Copyrighted 2012 By Frederick Zappone


1. The REALITY of Feeling Good, No Matter What
2. Your Power Lives in the Moment 
3. Understand ‘ Feeling Bad,’ To Feel Good, no Matter What
4. Whatever you make the Enemy, Has Power Over You
5. Feelings: Your Inner Guidance System
6. The Power To Make What Goes Wrong In Your Life, Turn Out Right
7. Why Being 'Against Anything' Destroy The Bullet Proof Attitude
8. The Elimination of All Fear Based Thoughts
9. Instant Insights – 'Life is Good' One Liners
10. How to Bullet Proof Your Feelings
11. Neutralizing Your #1 Power Robber
12. Suffering and Pain are Optional and Not Required
13. Letting Go In Order To Have What You Want 
14. Red Light – Green Light Feelings
15. The Truth Shall Set you Free But First It will Piss You Off 
16. Healing the ‘Feel Bad’ Nerves In Your Brain 
17. You Create It All 
18. Releasing Thoughts that Imprison You

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