Getting Rid of FEAR.....

Every so often, a fear shows up in a person's life that they cannot dissolve or make disappear from their life, no matter what they do.   It can be a real, imagined or irrational fear that goes deeper than their life experiences and circumstances can explain.  Where the fear comes from is anyone's guess.  If you believe in reincarnation, the fear you have might be an unresolved fear from a prior life.

A unresolved fear could have to do with love, relationships, money or a health issue. The fear could be the only thing that is stopping you from creating the life you want, your way.

The question is, if you have done everything you can do to make your fear disappear from your life and nothing works, how do you live with it?  How do you accept it?   The ultimate question is how do you make disappear from your life a fear that, no matter what you have done in the past, has only grown stronger in strength and power over you.

Fears you experience in secret never dissolves, they only get stronger.
Fear increases in power over you when you are afraid or ashamed of it.
Fear gets it power from you by living in the dark corners of your mind.
Fear exposed to the LIGHT of your conscious mind dissolves instantly..

One of the things that can make a person's deepest fear dissolve almost INSTANTLY is  by talking about it.  The talking about your fear has to be accompanied by the 'intention' of making it dissolve instantly. 

Without making that intention, you will only make your fear stronger rather than making it weaker until it disappear completely from your life.  And when you do talk about your fear, it is imperative you only talk about your fear to someone who can listen to you non-judgmentally.  

Fear and everything that is causing you to hold onto fear will dissolve in the presence of someone who can listen to you non-judgmentally and who knows the right questions to ask you to make your fear completely visible (conscious) to you. Once your fear is visible to you, it will unravel and the negative 'emotional charge'  that has kept the fear in place will drain out of your body until your fear has no power over you at all. 


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