One with God.... Peace, Serenity, Prosperity (Explained)

What does it mean to be one with God! It means to be one with all that there is without the need to be in conflict with anyone or anything.  It means to be one with unconditional love for yourself and all living things, large and small.. It means to be one with a power greater than yourself that you can't prove exists but deep down in your soul, you know the power exists and is deeply in love with you.   

The desire to be one with all that there is, is all that is required for you to have the 'oneness experience'. Your DESIRE to experience oneness will show you the way to have that experience when there is no way.

As simplistic as this may sound to you when life got too overwhelming and complicated for me, I started repeating over and over again to myself, especially before falling asleep at night; 'I am one with God, I am one with God, I am one with God'. And shortly thereafter peace of mind was restored to me and feelings of serenty and prosperity filled every cell in my body until serenity and prosperity felt real to me..

There are many individual petals that make up this one flower and so it is with God. All that exists contribute to making the one God because everything that exists is part of the whole just as the individual petals make up the whole flower. - Frederick Zappone, Slight Edge Publications

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