Purpose and WORK ( Question Received, Answer Given )

Received the following question about purpose and work from one of the readers of my blog.

So, if we are looking for one's life's purpose or satisfying 

work, is it OK to ask for divine guidance? Is that a cop out?

A cop out?  Absolutely not.  I ask for divine guidance all the time.  Once I ask the 'DIVINE' for an answer or guidance I seek, I stay open, trusting and observant because I know the answer I seek can come to me anytime through any source.  The answer can show up in my mind as a spontaneous and unexpected thought. It can show up in something I read in a book, magazine, newspaper or online. It can show up in something I hear on the radio or see on television. It can show up on the lips of another person, even a perfect stranger. 

Your purpose/work should feel good to you. You should feel excited about it...and it should make you feel grateful to be ALIVE.  That's how you will know you are doing the purpose and work that is the 'right' purpose and work for you.  Your purpose and work might feel so good to you that it feels like pure play.  Don't discount something that is a lot of fun for you to do.  Purpose and work is suppose to bring us great happiness and joy, not effort, struggle and misery.


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