I am so Ashamed. (My Story)


I am so ashamed, a bankruptcy followed by divorce. The shame I feel is killing me. I must understand the shame I feel for if I do not, the shame I feel will continue to eat away at my soul as it has done for years. This much I know, shame is a very painful feeling, it is probably the most painful of all feelings. The intensity of pain felt from shame is so strong, it is hard to embrace. And yet without embracing it, it will live on inside of me forever and cause me to suffer when I know if I can just heal my shame, I will suffer no longer. 

  -- Frederick Zappone (Diary Entry, 1986)
During my growing up years, I was shamed into believing that no matter what I did, my best wasn't good enough. As long as shame wasn't attached to something I wanted I felt no shame at all. However, the moment I wanted something such as love, sex or money, shame reared it's ugly head and kept me from having those things. How did shame stop me from having what I wanted, you might ask. 

The answer is simple. Because I tried to deny and hide from my painful feelings of shame, shame had the power to control my mind and tongue.  It made me say and do things that always ended up in failure whether it be love, sex or money.   It wasn't until I was willing to face my shame head on and  'embrace the pain of my shame' that I was able to dissolve the power shame had to stop me from having what I wanted. The day I stopped shame from ruling my life was the day I reclaimed my power to have all the love, sex and money I desired.- Frederick Zappone 

There is no emotional or physical pain that cannot healed or cured by facing it head on.  Pain faced head on dissolves when exposed to the LIGHT of your conscious mind. - Frederick Zappone


You can medicate, sedate or drink your pain under the table or you can embrace your pain and make it disappear from your life, forever......

In this publication I share with you everything you need to know to dissolve any physical or emotional pain you are experiencing, right now, without the need for drugs or pills of any kind.  

If you are currently taking prescription drugs for your pain, I am not suggesting you quit taking them. Quite the contrary, keep taking them and implement the 'embracing the pain' technique I share with you in my 'cutting edge' document to speed up the process of making pain disappear from your body with no effort at all.


1. Learn why feeling the pain, heals it.
2. Embracing pain causes no pain.
3. The 'Embracing Pain' Methodology
4. Reversing Disease By Reversing Thought.
5. Many things you know about pain are not true.
6. Pain is weakness leaving the body.
7. Making Pain Disappear Without Drugs.
8. Evolutionary Thoughts About Pain
9. Pain is harmless until you label it...
10. His Thoughts CURED him of Cancer (True Story - Documented)

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