Top 10 Things Serious ILLNESS does to your MIND...


Top 10 Things Serious ILLNESS does to your MIND (Expanded to 12)

Serious illness:

1. makes you feel confused, baffled, powerless and weak.
2. robs you of your personal power and depresses you.
3. makes you feel very scared, frightened and alone.
4. makes you give your healing power away to people outside yourself.
5. makes you doubt the existence of a benevolent creator.
6. makes you give up control of your body to someone else.
7. make you close your mind to the possibility of a simple cure.
9. makes people around you feel sorry for you which only makes you feel worse.
10. makes other people think they know what is best for you.

11. strips you of all your dignity and self-respect.
12. makes you think your illness is more powerful than you are.

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