The Wisdom of SILENCE

When your spouse, friend or your God goes silent on you, the silence can be unbearable but if you understand the language of silence, it can be a MIRACLE for you. 

I have learned more from my God and the people in my life who have gone SILENT on me than all the words ever spoken. Silence is not a cruel punishment, silence is a blessing in disguise. Silence forces you to grow up, it forces you to figure out things on your own. Silence forces you to trust that something 'greater' than yourself is at work in your life. Silence is a non-judgmental way your God and the people in your life correct you. Silence is the non-judgmental way people and your God lead you. Silence is love in disguise given to those people who will do great things in life.  Within the silence you will find all the answers you seek.


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