The Relationship between Depression and ANGER.

When I was a depressed person I was told my depression was nothing more than anger turned inward. My immediate reaction to being told that was; 'Bullsh*t'.  I knew my depression was not anger turned inward, it was depression. I was depressed pure and simple but over time I learned that, indeed, depression in most, if not all, cases is anger turned inward. Let me explain.

Depressed people are very angry people who don't realize they are angry at all.  When we experience anger, it means our sense of justice has been violated.  Anger is a natural human emotion and when expressed in healthy ways it contributes greatly to our health and prosperity. 

Depressed people become depressed because they have no self permission to express anger. OR they are so terrified of their anger they have pushed it so far down inside themselves they feel no anger at all.

As child growing up, you naturally expressed anger from time to time. However, if you were, over time, repeatedly punished, criticized, made fun of, ridiculed or put down because you were angry, you made the decision that it was not safe to be angry....and when you did that, your anger immediately went inward and instead of your anger being expressed outward, you depressed it.

The anger you do not feel and is invisible to you is the very thing that keeps you imprisoned in your chronic state of depression. As you learn to get in touch with and release your anger in healthy ways, you will experience less and less depression until you are free of your depression altogether.  Depression is always a result of not having self-permission to freely and fully express yourself.  

Regarding depression being a chemical imbalance. That happens because your negative thoughts cause the chemistry in your body to become unbalanced.


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