Pain is MY Friend (Illuminating Article By Frederick Zappone)

Pain has been a life long teacher of mine. Pain has taught me wisdom and insights about living that have made life easy for me. Pain as my teacher has made it possible for me to live my life free from emotional and physical pain. Pain has allowed me to dissolve 'physical disease' naturally. Pain is the best friend I have. It is totally trustworthy and reliable, PAIN has never steered me wrong...

People who are afraid of pain or who have made pain their enemy 
cannot live the pain free life I live.. - Frederick Zappone


Much of the information you have been taught about pain by the authority figures in your life is false. It is not their fault that they passed on false information to you about pain. They were just passing on to you the false information their ancestors passed on to them about pain... 


It is our fear of pain that contributes to us making a physical (mental or emotional) illness worse. It is our misunderstanding of pain that causes us to suffer needlessly and it is our thoughts about pain that contributes to our physical and emotional distress.  It is also our fear of pain that stops us from using our pain to heal our illness or sickness naturally without surgery or drugs of any kind. 

Pain is not what you think it is. Pain is an ALERT SIGNAL alerting you to the fact that your thinking is in error and taking you further away from what you want (good health, love, prosperity).

The more pain you feel, emotionally or physically, the further away you are moving from the love, health, happiness and prosperity you want. My two publications listed below will teach you how to make PAIN your friend. The information in my publications will teach you how to make your pain your most powerful ally so you can use your pain to guide you to living a life free of pain and filled with as much love, happiness and prosperity as you can handle. 


•"I have studied tons of psychological literature in my work, from ancient times till present theories, and none of them allowed me to achieve such deep insights in such a short period of time as your information has." - Katerina Bosin, M.D., TN 

• "The information in your writings gave me so many insights and answers. There is more power in your writings than all of those lengthy books." - Ciprian Ostap, Canada

"There is absolutely much more results with your information than there is with our psychological service." Hilda, Western, Pennsylvania

The kind of writing that you are doing is what thousands of us are looking for. You write extremely well and get to the heart of the matter in a matter of minutes. - James Kavanaugh, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Mr. Zappone, had I not found you and your writings, I'd be dead right now. That is how much your writings touch my life. - Cathy K., Pgh, PA.

Copyrighted 2012 By Frederick Zappone


1. The REALITY of Feeling Good, No Matter What
2. Your Power Lives in the Moment 
3. Understanding Brings Healing. 
      (Understanding What causes you to feel bad makes you feel good)

4. Whatever you make the Enemy, Has Power Over You
5. Feelings: Your Inner Guidance System
6. The Power To Make What Goes Wrong In Your Life, Turn Out Right
7. Why Being 'Against Anything' Destroy The Bullet Proof Attitude
     (And why being 'for things' strengthens your bullet proof attitude) 
8. The Elimination of All Fear Based Thoughts
9. Instant Insights – 'Life is Good' One Liners
10. How to Bullet Proof Your Feelings
11. Neutralizing Your #1 Power Robber
12. Suffering and Pain are Optional and Not Required
13. Letting Go In Order To Have What You Want 
14. Red Light – Green Light Feelings
15. The Truth Shall Set you Free But First It will Piss You Off 
16. Healing the ‘Feel Bad’ Nerves In Your Brain 
17. You Create It All 
18. Releasing Thoughts that Imprison You

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You can medicate and sedate your pain, you can tolerate and put up with your pain or you can embrace your pain and make it disappear from your life with no effort at all. Let me show you know....

In this publication I share with you everything you need to know to dissolve any physical or emotional pain you are experiencing, right now, without the need for drugs or pills of any kind.  

If you are currently taking prescription drugs for your pain, I am not suggesting you quit taking them. Quite the contrary, keep taking them and  along with them implement the 'embracing the pain' technique I share with you in this 'cutting edge' publication to speed up the process of making pain disappear from your body with no effort at all.


1. Learn why feeling the pain, heals it.
2. Embracing pain causes no pain.
3. The 'Embracing Pain' Methodology
4. Reversing Disease By Reversing Thought.
5. Many things you know about pain are not true.
6. Pain is weakness leaving the body.
7. Making Pain Disappear Without Drugs.
8. Evolutionary Thoughts About Pain
9. Pain is harmless until you label it...
10. His Thoughts CURED him of Cancer (True Story - Documented)

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Available for immediate download

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Available for immediate download

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After making your payment, click on the RETURN TO 'FREDERICK ZAPPONE' button located on the payment receipt page to receive your copy of  Bullet Proof Your Attitude and Embracing PAIN causes NO PAIN publications Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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