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My first child, a son, died unexpectedly when he was 18 months old. My daughter died due to medical negligence and left four little girls behind, age 8 to 1 1/2 years old. I have been divorced twice, bankrupt twice. My life was a tragedy and from the pain and grief of my tragic life, I found my life purpose. Inspiring others to rise above adversity, like I have, so they can experience themselves as the MAGNIFICENT, POWERFUL, LOVABLE to the core human beings they truly are. I do that through this blog. This is my full-time job and I have been doing this job for 5 years without a paycheck. Why five years without a paycheck? Because I believe the good I do on this blog will eventually be rewarded from sources unexpected, ueunexpectedlyYou see I have faith in more rather than less. As a result, I know if I keep giving people my very best, if I keep inspiring people above all the rest, my good works will be rewarded.

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Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone, author of the INSPIRED LIVING BLOG. There are now over 4060 articles, videos and pictures of inspiration and encouragement posted on this site. Your donations make it possible for me to continue to write original articles of inspiration and encouragement that benefit people  world-wide. These articles are made available to people free of charge regardless of their economic status.

INTENTIONS:   Everything you want out of life comes from your intentions. Clear intentions produces clear results. How much money do you want? What are the specific qualities you are looking for in a partner? Intentions come true when they are specific.  For myself, I don't have to take any action in particular for good things to happen in my life, I just have to INTEND for them to happen and from my intentions comes spontaneously thoughts and actions that make my intentions come true.

RESULTS: What I think and feel in my inner world always come true in my outer world.  Abundance or scarcity of anything in my life (money, love, excellent health, harmonious relationships) is always a result of what I think and feel on the inside of me. There are no exceptions to the law of thought and feelings.

DISCOURAGEMENT:  Discouragement means you are thinking thoughts and taking actions that don't work for you.  Discouragement is an ALERT SIGNAL that you are going against your personal values, being untrue to yourself. Discouragment is a sign that you are seeking other people's approval of you rather than self approval. Discouragement is a sign that your FAITH is misplaced, It indicates your have faith in less rather than more. As a result, you see life rewarding you with less, while rewarding other people with more. 

CREATING YOUR LIFE: Everything in life is created twice, first mentally, then physically. There are no exceptions to this law. What you see in your visible world is a result of the thoughts you think in your inner world. Don't like when you see in your outer world, change the thoughts you think in your inner world.

OBSTACLES: The 'wind and water' never resist obstacles, they go up, over, under or around them. When an obstacle or roadblock is between you and what you want, become like the 'wind and water' and flow up, over, around or under what is between you and what you want. It works for me.

DREAMS: Two very different attitudes about making your dreams come true. Attitude #1 - Every time your dream hits an obstacle, you can reduce the size of your dream and eventually your dream will become so small, it will disappear from your mind and never come true at all.   Attitude #2 - Every time your dream hits an obstacle, you can increase the size of your dream. You can make it larger and larger until it is so large that nothing or no one in the universe can stop your dream from coming true. That's what Bill Gates did, that's what Steve Jobs did.  If it worked for them, it can work for you too.  

FEELINGS: Feeling bad only lasts a long time when I try to figure out why I feel bad.  Experience has taught me that the quickest way to STOP feeling bad is to start making other people feel good. In the process of making other people feel good, I end up feeling good too.

WORRY: Worry is FEAR thought and pushes away from us what we want, that's why I rarely give those kinds of thoughts a second thought.  

RESISTANCE: No one likes feeling bad. However disliking, resisting, arguing or wrestling with your bad feelings will only prolong those feelings and give those bad feelings more power over you. I use bad feelings as an ALERT SIGNAL to switch focus to thoughts or actions that make me feel good.

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