When Bragging is NOT Bragging

You are not bragging when 'you feel your truth' and you tell your truth without shame to others. My truth is I am the most effective life coach on the planet. Ask any of my clients, they will tell you so. Why am I so effective?  It's simple, I never, ever get plugged into people's drama. What I do, instead, is  'hold the vision' of my clients being the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person I know that they are...and whatever vision I hold of my client in my mind's eye as a 'done deal' always become reality in my client's life.. Because I am so effective at what I do, I also coach coaches. While I only charge my clients $95.00 an hour, I charge the coaches I coach $300.00 per hour Why? Because they can afford it and if they can't they shouldn't be coaching. - Frederick Zappone, Life Coach and author of Love Is All I Know (Amazon)

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