Why I DON'T SELL anything to anyone ever

Selling is really about making people disenchanted (unhappy) with what they have so people will buy what some sales person is offering them.  In my online business, I have no need to make people unhappy with what they have, I am simply looking for people who want more. 

I do that by sharing the truth about my business and serving people by answering their questions honestly.  And because I have a SHARE AND SERVE attitude, I am very successful at what I do. 

If my business is the kind of business you want to be in, you will have sign yourself up because I am not going to try to convince you in any way that this is the right business for you. That's your job, not mine. 

However, once you do sign up as a paying member, my job is to make sure you achieve the financial goals you set for yourself because when you reach your financial goals, I reach my financial goals too.  

The next step is yours, you can choose YES. You can choose NO or can choose to not choose at all. As I learned the hard way, when I choose not to make a choice, time and circumstances makes my choices for me and those choices have always caused my circumstances to go from good to bad  or bad to worse. 


If you have a sincere interest in joining my business but have fears about losing money or have doubts in your ability to be successful in my business, send your questions my way.  

I will give you honest, straightforward answers. If you have googled me at all, you know, when it comes to money matters, I don't bullshit people, ever.  - Frederick Zappone

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