A Heart GIFT....

I love giving heart gifts. A heart gift is something you give to people with no strings attached and with no expectation of ever getting anything back in return. It's been my experience this kind of giving yields the great blessings in life. Today, I want to give you a heart gift that requires nothing from you, not now, not in the future, not never. It is a short book I wrote last year that I have no intention of ever publishing. It too thought provoking to publish, a nice way of saying it is too controversial for my family to handle. The title of the book, written in my 'short, sweet, and to the point style' is called: Embracing Pain Causes No Pain. It is in a PDF file format. If you wish to read it, click this link.
You can also save it and download it to your computer. Nothing is required of you to do that.

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