ALERT: Pity Train derailed - Breaking News

The truth is, no one's life is okay in all departments 100% of the time. And when circumstances are not okay, whining about them isn't going to make things better while a change in attitude will. 

Feeling sorry for people or agreeing with people about how awful it is doesn't strengthen them, it weakens them. Why would you feel sorry for someone when you know how powerful they truly are and that the situation they have is a result of the misuse of their very own power? 

Have compassion for them because they misused their power but never feel sorry for them because that only reinforces the mistaken belief that they have no real power at all. 

When people are down and out they don't need their weaknesses reinforced by us feeling sorry for them or having pity on them. What they need is for people to show them how to recover their power so they can turn a bad situation into something good for themselves. 

I have been as 'down and out' as you can get and I know from personal experience that the people who coddled me, pitied me, didn't help me one bit. Their well-intentioned words only made me feel less of a person rather than more. 

If you haven't read my story about being homeless, please do, it will give you a better understanding why this photo is funny to me. If hadn't given myself the kind of pep talk that you read in the sign, I would still be homeless.

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