Body Wisdom

If you trusted your body, truly trusted the wisdom of your body, you would be healed of any illness or sickness your body experienced, many times instantly, often times incrementally but always, if your trusted your body, it would heal itself. 

If you allow the wisdom of your mind to override the wisdom of your body, the mind's wisdom (which never knows for sure what the body needs) can cause the body to die before its time. 

Tap into your body's wisdom, ask it what it needs from you, what it wants you to do... and then pause and listen for the answer... If necessary, repeat the question and pause again, the body will tell you what it needs. Listen carefully as if someone was whispering to you at a distance and you will hear the answer. As you become accustomed to listening to the body telling you what it needs, your body's voice, over time, will become louder and clearer, easier for you to hear the messages of guidance and advice your body is sending your way so you can live the healthy, happy life you want. 

From the forthcoming Book: Body Wisdom By Frederick Zappone, Author, Love is All I Know (Amazon)

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