Early Morning Thoughts Over Coffee.


People do exactly what you expect them to do and most times it is not what you want them to do.

If you notice you feel hatred toward something and you do not allow yourself to feel what you are feeling anyhow, the feeling of hate will persist and grow stronger.

If it is not okay for you to feel negative when you do, you will feel negative more often than you want.

Resisting problems is what causes problems to persist.

Judgments are thoughts without future possibilities. As soon as you judge something about yourself as 'bad or or wrong' you are stuck with that judgment until you release it.

Hating a thing, often times, is us really saying we don't like the pain the thing is causing us.

Accepting the fact that people's personal rules of how to talk and behave are differently than your own will make it easier to accept people different than yourself.

To get what you want you have got to act on 'the feeling' that will take you there. Acting on a negative feeling about what you want won't get you there, it will move you further away from what you want..

Most people will not appreciate what you do, Get over it.

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