Nothing Worse than believing in a Power OUTSIDE of Ourselves

There is nothing worse than believing that something outside of ourselves is doing it to us. 

There is nothing worse than believing that God is stopping us from having what we want. 

There is nothing worse than believing the devil or some evil force is making us think bad thoughts, do bad things or is in control of our behavior. 

There is nothing worse than believing their is something more powerful than ourselves, messing up our lives 

This BELIEF that there is a power greater than ourselves doing it to us is reinforced in us because it FEELS real. That's what makes beliefs real to us, we feel them.  

A belief is a 'thought' running in our subconscious mind, outside our conscious control. 

Because this belief is being controlled by our subconscious, it feels like the power lives outside ourselves when in reality the power (God or whatever name you want to call it) lives within us.

Beliefs produce feelings which produce behavior which either allow us to get what we want or push what we want away from us. To know what you believe, to know which beliefs run your life, for better or worse, OBSERVE your feelings. That is the only way to know for sure what you believe. And if you don't like the belief, you can change it...

The God Power within us, that we are one with, is like electricity.  It can be used for good or evil, it can be used to warm a house or electrocute a man.  The God power within us, is a gift given to us by our creator. The power is neutral and we get to decide whether we will use this power for good or for evil.

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