Powerful STUFF About the Ferguson situation. (Video)

Some will understand the video message that Jonathan Gentry expresses about Ferguson and others will not.  Jonathan speaking loudly and passionately a truth that many blacks and whites share but do not possess his courage to speak it. Essentially, he is saying if change is going to happen, if justice is going to prevail, it is up to you and me. Watch his video below, then leave your thoughts and comments.

What follows are my thoughts after watching the video. - Frederick Zappone

Racism isn't going to be solved with Protests and Violence,

It is going to be solved with love, compassion and understanding

I find it very sad that so many black and white people see one another as the enemy. The blacks fear the whites and the whites fear the blacks. As I see it, 'the real problem is FEAR' and whites and blacks not seeing each other, first, as human beings, made by the same creator that made you and me. 

I want to do something to make the situation better but protesting, blaming and making each other wrong about our 'differences' doesn't seem to be the answer. Got any suggestions what I can do to make things better?  I believe the 'pen is mightier than than sword' and I will use your suggestions to write articles that inspire, encourage and empower blacks and whites to become one with each other. To send me your comments and suggestions, click here - Frederick Zappone


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