I love our GOD, A God big enough for all of us..

I kneel before God not because I fear him but because I love and adore him.

I cannot see or touch God but I can always feel the  presence of God within me.

God sends messages of guidance and advice to me by way of my feelings.  Good feelings means I am thinking thoughts that will bring good things too me. 

God is known by many names but the name God prefers to be called is Love.

God gave me 'free will' so I could choose to think thoughts that make me feel connected to God OR think thoughts that make me feel separate from God. I choose to think thoughts that make me feel connected to God.

God lives in the present moment, I choose to live there too.

I surrender to God not as in defeat but as in giving up to God all thoughts and feelings that live in opposition to the good things God wants for me. Good things such as my health, happiness, prosperity, along with my love for God, myself  and all humankind.

God whispered to me, solve your own problems and if you can't, I will help you solve them. If I am not helping you that means I have full confidence in your ability to solve them yourself.

I ask God questions and he always answers me but I must pause after I ask my questions and LISTEN.

God answered me: He said be grateful for what you DO have and more will be  given to you. Complain about what you DON'T have and what you do have will be taken away from you. I say this to you Frederick not because I am cruel but because if you don't appreciate what you do have, why should I allow you to continue to keep it when I can give your good to another who will appreciate it.

The moment I received that answer from God, I immediately began work on becoming the most grateful person in the world. As I learned more and more about the power of gratitude, I felt inspired to write a series of gratitude messages sharing with people everything I knew about Gratitude to make life wonderful. If you would like to receive my FREE gratitude messages, fill in the form below.


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