Fear Stalked Me

Fear stalked me, it started when I was a small child.  Not understanding fear, I trembled in its presence. I resisted it, ran from it, fought with it, cursed it, wrestled with it and hated it. As a result of resisting fear, I experienced anxiety and chronic depression for years. Fear paralyzed me and stopped me from taking actions that were good for me. Fear made me feel flawed and defective. Fear caused me to have nightmares, it humiliated me, shamed me and almost destroyed me until I discovered, quite by accident, that fear is a paper dragon, all bark and no bite.

One particular night I experienced so much fear that I thought the devil, himself, was coming to take me home with him. My fear was terrorizing  me, so much so, that I thought about killing myself. 

In that moment when thoughts of suicide entered my mind,  I got so angry at being afraid I got up the courage to face my fear head on. The moment, I did, my fear, like a thief in the night, retreated into the darkness, out of sight, and peace of mind washed over me and my personal power was restored to me. 

That is the night I learned that fear resisted grows in strength and power over us while fear embraced and faced head on dissolves right before our eyes.  Fear comes in many different shapes and sizes? There are over 200 code words for fear; words such as worry, stress, anxiety, tension, depression and anger to name just a few. Anything that makes us 'feel ill at ease' is fear operating in the background of our lives.. 

As a result of what I learned in making every kind of fear imaginable disappear from my own life, I started writing a twice monthly newsletter titled Feeling Good (No Matter what).  In my newsletter I share with folks the many different ways to make fear dissolve or disappear from their lives with no effort at all.


The fears that are stops us in 95% of the cases from getting what we want are imagined fears.  Fears such as: what if I fail , what if I get rejected, what if I don't get the job. what if he doesn't love me?   Every 'what if' is a result of an imagined fear that may or may not come true. The problem is, if we are afraid that something won't come true, it usually doesn't.

In the first issue of my newsletter, I share with folks an easy way they can tell whether a fear is real or imagined. Once you know a fear is imagined, it's easy to dissolve it but until you 'know' it is an imagined fear, it will stick to you like super glue.
Each issue of my Feeling Good Newsletter (two issues a month) is full of 'cutting edge' insights on how to make disappear from your life every fear, doubt and worry that is between you and what you want, guaranteed or your money back.

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