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My Feeling Good (No Matter What) Newsletter is full of fresh insights written in extraordinarily effective ways that will inspire, encourage and empower you like nothing you have ever read before 

What people are saying.....
•"I have studied tons of psychological literature in my work, from ancient times till present theories, and none of them allowed me to achieve such deep insights in such a short period of time as you material has." -Katerina Bosin M.D , Tennessee

• "The information in your writings gave me so many insights and answers. It is a jewel, a part of God speaking through this medium. It helps on all levels‘of development." There is more power in your writings than all of those lengthy books."- Ciprian Ostap, Canada

• "I couldn't have gotten through what I did, much less turned my life around, if I hadn't found your writings. You will never know the miracle you caused in my life." - Liz, CA

"There is absolutely much more results with your information than there is with our psychological service. I can see God in you." Hilda, Western, Pennsylvania

• Honestly Mr. Zappone, had I not found you and your writings, I'd be dead right now. That is how much your writings touch my life. - Cathy K., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• I have just started reading and I know these things are very true, as I have always known, but to read what has been handed to you makes it more real for me and much easier to believe in myself. Thank you for giving me the reinforcement I needed. - Donna Marie.

• I believe your writings have hit the target. You have a way, through your writings, to hold our hands and guide us slowly and cautiously down a path and I admire that quality. - Terri

The kind of writing that you are doing is what thousands of us are looking for. You write extremely well and get to the heart of the matter in a matter of minutes. - James Kavanaugh, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Everything we want lives on the other side of fear

The fears that are stops us, in 95% of the cases, from getting what we want are imagined fears.  Fears such as: what if I fail , what if I get rejected, what if I don't get the job. what if he doesn't love me?   Every 'what if' is a result of an imagined fear that may or may not come true. The problem is, if we are afraid that something won't come true, it usually doesn't.

In the first issue of my newsletter, I share with folks an easy way they can tell whether a fear is real or imagined. Once you know a fear is imagined, it's easy to dissolve it but until you 'know' it is an imagined fear, it will stick to you like super glue.
Each issue of my Feeling Good Newsletter (two issues a month) is full of 'cutting edge' insights on how to make every fear, doubt and worry that is between you and what you want disappear from your life with no effort at all. I  guaranteed it or your money back.

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