The $5.00 Violence, REST IN PEACE, Program

VIOLENCE, May You Rest In Peace 

Resisting, hating, disliking, fighting with anything violent from violent thoughts and feelings to violent people and situations increases the strength and power those things have over your life.

On the other hand, loving violent things to death (including violent people and violent situations), literally, loves those things right out of existence.

Resisting feelings of violence, hatred, fear, anxiety, worry and depression only makes those conditions worse and gives those feelings more power over you. By embracing those negative feelings and loving them to death, we literally love them out of existence.

The $5.00 VIOLENCE, May You Rest in Peace, Program

The program shows you how to literally love out of existence every violent and angry thought you have. It is simple to do. It's a fact, if you are not the master of your thoughts and feelings, the thoughts and feelings of others will be your master. The $5.00 program is delivered to you in bite size chunks, via e-mail, over a period of 21 days. It allows you to become the master of your violent (angry) thoughts and feelings rather than being the victim of them or victimizing other people by acting on your violent (angry) thoughts and feelings.

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