How I ENDED Violence (and negative thinking) in me.

The only prejudice I have is my prejudice against violence.

Violence ended in me when I took 100% responsibility for every thought I thunk and for every feeling I felt and that included thoughts I had about other people's thoughts, still my thoughts.

All violence begins with a single violent thought. If that thought is left unchecked and allowed to multiply, it always results in violent actions which then leads to wounded and dead people and the destruction of property owned by good, decent, hard working, folks.

Hating, disliking, or resisting anything negative from violent thoughts and feelings to violent people and situations increases the strength and power those things have over our lives.

On the other hand, loving negative things to death (including negative people and negative situations), literally, loves those things right out of existence.

Resisting feelings of violence, hatred, fear, anxiety, worry and depression only makes those feelings worse and gives those feelings more power over us. By embracing those negative feelings and loving them to death, we literally love them out of existence.


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