As a Former Homeless Person

As a former homeless person, I prefer dressing down to dressing up, I am more comfortable in a baseball cap and jeans than a suit. This picture of me was taken on a cruise the night Vona and I got engaged. I felt it was appropriate to dress up for the occasion. At the formal dinner, that night, I got down on one knee and proposed to her the old fashion way. Didn't realize that everyone was watching me. When I stood up, everyone started applauding and I turned three shades of red. She did say YES!

For reasons I will never understand, people are always wanting to know more about me. I get all kinds of questions from people in the work I do. Here are a couple of the latest questions I received along with my answers to them for people who want to know more about me

Q: How did you get to be so brilliant?

A. Never really thought of myself as brilliant. I started off my life as a real dumb ass and made zillions of mistakes. Fortunately, I learned from my mistakes which made it possible for me to love myself exactly as I am without the need to change anything about me. If what you mean by being brilliant is my ability to accept myself, as I am, then yes I am brilliant.

Q: Do you have any weaknesses?

A: More than you will know. I learned sharing my weaknesses with most people is counter-productive for a couple of reasons. 1. Manipulative, controlling people will use my weaknesses against me. 2. Sharing my weaknesses with others causes me to focus on what I don't want.

Life has taught me if I leave my weaknesses alone, they will leave me alone. The more I focus on my strengths, the faster my weaknesses disappear from my view.

Q:  What unfilled wish do you have? And Why?

A:  That a million people will use my self-love program.

Why? Because my life is about making a genuine difference in the lives of others, the more I inspire and empower others, the more I become inspired and empowered myself. Giving is receiving..


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